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Check out what’s new at TheCitrineGoddess Etsy shop! Intuitive Tarot Readings!!! Below is what I offer in a Mini- Intuitive Tarot Reading!

This reading provides insight on daily general concerns such as Love, Career, Health, Passions, Life Purpose and more. I intuitively see probability patterns that you create and identify the blockages so that you can work through them and thus create the outcome that you prefer. This reading is designed so that you co-create your happiness and manifest your highest potential, purpose and vision.

My goal is to reveal YOUR ability to connect to YOUR higher/primordial self so that YOU can effectively tap into YOUR own divine essence.

All readings are recorded and sent via email (preferred) or text.

*This reading is the prerequisite to my Full reading.

**Remember you have the ability to effect change regardless of what is revealed. And all readings are channeled in Light and Love!!!

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Goddess University by Monique N. Kirksey (TheCitrineGoddess)

Learn how to embrace your natural beauty, create your Queendom and enhance your spirituality. 

Excerpt from chapter 8

Reveal & Nurture the Goddess within you!

Greatness and beauty do not belong to the gods alone. ~ Nigerian Proverbs

The secret is there is no better savior than you… Contrary to what we’ve been taught, seeking guidance through astrology, our ancestors, our food choices and certainly our thoughts and meditation is what develops our God-Essences. And no I’m not saying you are God, Creator of this magnificent Universe or world. I am saying we are the most unique species the creator has created and our powers are limitless. We all are able to achieve great things just by identifying our inner goddess potential and then developing it to the highest potential. Revealing the goddess within you will reveal God…Never become content with what you know. Wisdom is the crown of the goddess…

Goddess University reveals the secrets to embracing your natural beauty creating your queendom and enhancing your spirituality. These basic transitional steps can be used to manifest and transform yourself into your highest potential and life’s purpose. Tap into your inner Goddess to reveal secrets to Power and Seduction and how to use them to unlock unlimited opportunities. Enroll yourself into a wealth of knowledge and receive spiritual development with this book of higher learning. Click the link below to get a peak inside and to purchase a copy.

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Look out for Goddess University Vol. 2 a more in depth look into the metaphysical elements of mysticism and spirituality. Available Spring 2018!

with Love & Light


Who is The Citrine Goddess?

Greetings of Love and Light!

Why do I call myself The Citrine Goddess? Well I didn’t chose that name, I embody it! I fell in love with crystals and the healing benefits they provide. My first encounter with Citrine change my life.The connection I have with the Citrine quartz became the catalyst that propelled me into the metaphysical goddess I am today.

After bonding and learning the properties of the citrine, I realized it was what I’d hoped to be in life. I began to harness the energy of the citrine within and around me, and before I knew it I was an energetic extension of the quartz making me the Citrine Goddess.

I live passionately in my purpose of creating an abundantly joyful and vibrant life. Mastering the law of attraction comes natural to me, and sharing this gift of happiness & abundance is my blissful duties as a lightworker.